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I binged pretty bad yesterday. Total Consumption: 1 cup off coffee with splenda and a splash of 2% milk (22 cals), 2 eggs w ketchup (170 cals), 1 slice high fiber multigrain bread w/ tsp. of magraine (116 cal), 1 diet green tea (0 cals), BIG veggie stirfry (snow peas, carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers, grape tomatoes, onions) with low-sodium/low-cal teryaki sauce (around 250 cals), 1 glass of 2% milk (around 300 cal), 6 golden oreos (34, 3/4 piece of peppermint patty, and a Coke Zero (o cal).

Woke up, and despite my "binge", I weighed 100.0 lbs this morning! :) I've reached my first goal weight! Now to try and maintain it/reach my second GW (98 lbs).
Did kind of bad today, ate nothing until around 2:00 PM. Shared a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and maybe 10 or so reduced-fat cheese nips with my boyfriend. Despite sharing it, I still ate around 3/4 of it, so around 550 cals? Ugh, I wish I hadn't eaten it but I was starting to feel anxious and bitchy from the hunger. Anyone else get snappy like that from not eating sometimes?

Went for a 40 minute walk this morning, I guess that's the only thing keeping me from beating my head in from the guilt I feel. :(

Staying Strong and Thinking Thin! xoxoxo


Hey thanks for adding me as a friend i have had a pretty rough day i binged at lik 8pm after been really good all day so feeling crappy and guilty iam at 94-96 pounds at the moment really wanting to get tp 90 lbs finding it hard but i just gotta stay strong and think thin! Hope your days going better then mine

Wow, I'm jealous! What's your height if you don't mind me asking. I'm 5'6" at 100 lbs at the moment. Hoping to get to 98 lbs within this next week or so...

My day's been alright, I feel huge though because I had a pb&j this morning. Just had a small salad for dinner. I hate the binging cycles, I feel so uncontrollable once I start with one piece of food. Even when I'm not hungry; it's just the idea of rebeling against my fasts. You know?

Stay Strong and Think Thin! xoxoxo
Thanks for adding me. I binged today on this ginourmous chocolate chip cookie. I felt so sick to my stomach afterwards. I did so good today til I ate that stupid cookie. This is only day four of my new thinking, and ive lost three pounds. is that good? or is that slow? i mean i cut my caloric intake from 1000 calories a day down to 4 or 500 a day. plus after i ate that stupid cookie i made a trip to the bathroom. so maybe i got rid of that? im so new to this im not sure how it works but i think 3 pounds in four days is good. i wish i could lose a pound a day. Im 5'9'' and weigh 148, i want to be 130... well actually less than that but i dont think i can get any thinner than that if i can even reach that. what do u think would help me?
3 pounds in 4 days is incredibly good. Don't get discouraged if the number stops changing for a while, sometimes you reach a "plateau" during weight loss. Judging by your weight and gender, you have around a 2400 calorie allowance daily, which is the same as me. I cut my calories down to no more than 1100 calories per day, but I usually stay within the 500-800 range. It has become very effective for me, especially when I trick my metabolism by eating large amounts of cals (approximately 800) on some days, and very little on other days (approximately 300-500 cals).
As for purging after binging, I never do it. I just can't bring myself to it and it isn't a very effective way of eliminating the calories out of your body (only 20% of what you ate is expelled). There WILL be binge days, it's normal...especially after fasting and restricting. Don't sweat it. If you feel really guilty, exercise and burn off tons of calories that way.
I think you can reach 130 lbs, just stick to dieting and exercising. Try tricking you metabolism out after a while if you reach that "plateau". But whatever you're doing seems to be working, so good job and keep at it!


April 2009

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